Emergency Dentist Near Me

emergency dentist near me

Having the number of a good emergency dentist near you can save you from a lot of pain. Especially when you get a horrible toothache in the middle of the night. Most emergency dentists will work 24/7, meaning you will get the proper care at any time. A common related question often pops up, “where and how do I find an emergency dentist near me?”

This guide will explain just about everything you need to know about emergency dentists. So, let’s dive in.

How Quickly Can I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

Even though there’s no concrete answer, this usually doesn’t take longer than 24 hours. Even if the dentist is fully booked, a slot is usually available for such emergencies. If you’re lucky, many of them will even tell you to come right now. That’s the best possible scenario.

The main factor that determines this is how booked the dentist you’re considering is. For example, finding an emergency dentist in Durham, NC may be a bit difficult during the busy season. But still, don’t get worked up because you’ll never know until you actually call.

When Should I Consider Emergency Dental Care?

Depending on the type of emergency, you should always address dental issues as soon as possible. This is especially important for infections. Common signs of tooth infection are toothaches, pain when chewing, fever, swelling in your face, and similar.

A dental emergency usually includes severe pain in the teeth, gums, or mouth. An emergency dentist is a perfect place to visit in such cases. They have the proper knowledge, tools, and experience to help you with this. More than any other type of doctor out there

How to Find a 24-Hour Dentist Near Me?

24-hour dentists are absolute life-savers when that random but horribly painful toothache hits at 3 AM. When you get a mind-boggling toothache in the middle of the night and nothing is able to make the pain go away, 24-hour dentists are who you need to turn to. 

But, how do you find one? 

How do you even know there is one near you?

All it takes is a simple Google search with your location turned on. Type in the phrase, “24 hour dentist near me”. Hit Search. If there are any, you will notice a map on your search results page with red location marks. These pins show you where the dentists are located. All of the results that pop up should be as close to you as possible. Google won’t show any that aren’t close.

Click on the results and quickly scan through their websites and their reviews. Choose one that seems like a good fit and immediately contact them or go straight there. 

24 hour emergency dental care

Should I Visit a Walk-In Dentist?

Walk-in dentists focus on helping you out in a dental emergency as soon as they can. They often help out without even making an appointment. This might be your best choice if a sudden issue with your teeth or gums occurs. 

A mild toothache is generally considered an emergency only if it doesn’t go away in a day or two. But, if you’re experiencing severe pain, there’s no doubt that you should visit the nearest walk-in dentist around you.

In order to determine whether you should visit an emergency walk-in dentist, you should be aware of the most common dental emergencies. The list includes:

  • Severe Toothache
  • Dental Abscess
  • Cracked or Broken Tooth
  • Knocked-Out Tooth

If you find yourself in any of these situations, don’t hesitate to visit any emergency dentist near you. In fact, if your face starts swelling up from a toothache, you should run straight to the Emergency Room (ER) if you can’t find a working dentist near you at that time.

Can a Dentist Open Near Me Help in an Emergency?

If you have an infected tooth, severe toothaches, or similar dental issues that just won’t go away, a dentist that’s open near you can usually help. In the worst-case scenario, they will have to extract the tooth. Even if it’s badly infected, the tooth can be extracted, and the infection treated.

This is very important. If it’s not treated, the tooth infection may spread to your jaw. In such a case, your face may start swelling up badly. You may even start having trouble breathing and swallowing. It’s not a situation you want to be in. 

So, whether you’re looking for a dentist in Raleigh, NC, or any other state, try to find the nearest one as soon as possible. 

When To Start Looking for Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Before extracting a tooth, most dentists will try to treat the infection with antibiotics. If this works, there’s usually no need to extract the tooth at that point. However, keep in mind that antibiotics don’t really cure the problem with the tooth. They just treat the infection that’s causing you all the pain. The most common antibiotic used to treat such infections is amoxicillin.

The truth is, you never really know when a tooth needs to be extracted. Only a dentist can tell you when. And they can only tell you after they’ve examined the tooth. So, you won’t know until you go to the dentist.

How Much Will It Cost to Visit a Same-Day Dentist?

It depends on what the dentist can do for you. If it’s regular cleaning, you won’t spend a lot. If you’re visiting for a more serious matter, then you can expect a slightly higher bill. To provide a concrete answer to this would be like trying to count how many grains of sand can fit in a barrel. 

But we can provide an estimate. You can pay as little as $50 and as much as several thousand dollars for a single visit. When we put the insurance coverage in here, your expenses may be cut down a little. However, if you’re visiting an emergency dentist you probably aren’t going in for a cleaning. 

A trip to the emergency dentist may cost a bit more. In these situations, you probably need to treat an infection, extract a tooth, or get some sort of similar treatment. Extractions can cost up to $1000. Root canals can be as much as $2000. But that’s only looking at the higher end of the scale. This can also be as low as just a couple of hundred dollars.

What If There Is No Emergency Dentist Near Me Who Is Open?

The best thing to do in this scenario is to find the contact details of nearby dentists (even closed ones) and call them. Just because they are out of hours doesn’t mean some of them won’t help. This is the only thing you can do in a small town that doesn’t have emergency dentists who are open all the time. 

Even if it’s the middle of the night, find their contact details on their website and call. Try to find the personal contact details of the dentist if they are listed on the website. Sometimes, the work number won’t be useful because there’s probably no one at their office. If they pick up, state your problem and kindly ask for help.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Most dental insurance plans will cover some dental emergencies. Even though each individual case is different, you can rest assured knowing that you will rarely have to pay full price in such a case. Without dental insurance, you may end up paying ridiculously more compared to having a dental insurance plan. 

Most of these insurance plans will cover the following:

Preventative Services

This includes routine check-ups, cleaning, dental x-rays, and similar procedures. Most of the time these procedures are 100% covered by your dental insurance plan.

Basic Dental Procedures

Some of the procedures that fall under this category are still not considered dental emergencies. By basic procedures, you will usually find dental fillings, simple tooth extractions, root canals, and other procedures that are not complex and that take very little time. These procedures are usually covered at about 80%.

Major Dental Procedures

This is where most dental emergencies can be found. This category is usually covered at 50% or less, depending on the type of emergency itself. The most common types of procedures you’ll find here are complex tooth extractions, crowns, dental bridges, and other more serious treatments. Not all these procedures are emergencies, but they’re still quite costly without a dental insurance plan.

How to Find the Best Emergency Dentist Nearby?

The best thing you can do is to look at what previous patients of theirs are saying about them. Does the website have reviews and testimonials? Do you know someone who has been there? What do they say about them?

The more you find out about a dentist, the easier it will be to tell if they are worth it. Some of them even have ratings on Google. Look at that as well. 

Some of us have our own experiences or know of someone who has had a very bad visit to the dentist. Some dentists are simply not that good and may even cause more harm than good. It’s essential that you visit a high-quality and experienced dentist that always gets the job done, even if it is slightly more expensive. 

find the best dentist near me


Typing in a simple phrase like “emergency dentist near me” on Google is usually all you need to find a good dentist who will help you out. Another approach would be to call a friend or family member who knows a good emergency dentist. Whatever you do, don’t delay your visit to the dentist, especially in an emergency. 

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Emergency Dentist Near Me FAQ

How many teeth can a dentist pull in one visit?

There is no rule about this. The dentist can extract as many teeth as necessary during one visit. Extracting more than one tooth at once is rare, but still very possible if needed.

Which painkiller is good for a toothache?

Some of the most effective and fastest painkillers for a random toothache are Ibuprofen, Motrin, or Advil. They help reduce inflammation and make the pain go away.

How do I know if my tooth infection has spread to my heart?

Tooth infections can sometimes spread to other areas of the body, mostly to the jaw and neck. Common signs of this are an overall unwell feeling, swelling, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, dehydration, and fever.

Will a dentist pull a tooth on the same day?

Yes, most dentists will rearrange their schedule to fit you in on the same day. Emergencies take priority and often get treated on the same day. 

How fast does amoxicillin work for a toothache?

The pain might take an hour or more to start decreasing. However, the swelling and other side effects of the infection will start to completely disappear in about two or three days.

Is it okay to extract a tooth while swollen?

Extracting an infected tooth is one thing but extracting one when it’s swollen can be tricky. Most dentists will try to treat the swelling first before they even attempt extracting the tooth.