Single Missing Tooth

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When replacing a single missing tooth, patients have the option of getting a removable dental bridge, a fixed dental bridge or a dental implant. Dental implants are, of the three, the most natural replacement for missing teeth.
Single Missing Tooth in Durham, NC

Removable Bridges for Missing Teeth

The removable bridge is basically a partial denture that is attached to the gum line using metal clasps. Removable bridges successfully replace missing teeth, but many patients prefer not to have removable dental prosthetics.

Fixed Bridges for Missing Teeth

The fixed bridge is made up of three crowns. The center crown will rest on the gum line with the two on either side fitted onto your natural teeth to add stability. Your natural teeth will be shaped or ground down to accommodate the crowns. This method of replacing missing teeth has the advantage of being permanent, but requires that two healthy teeth be adapted for crowns.

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Before Dental Implant

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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Using dental implants for any number of missing teeth is usually the best option. Single tooth replacements using dental implants render the most natural result. The titanium posts are biocompatible and fuse with the jaw bone in the same manner as your natural teeth, creating a strong bond as well as a stimulation to preserve bone. The single dental implants have a single crown in the place of each tooth—a crown molded and tinted to match the rest of your natural bite.

  • Patients that select dental implants to replace their missing teeth can avoid the embarrassment of having to remove their dental appliances, which is common for those with a removable bridge.
  • Patients who select dental implants to replace their missing teeth are able to preserve the integrity of their healthy teeth, unlike those who must have teeth fitted for “anchor” crowns when getting fixed bridges.
  • Patients that select dental implants to replace their missing teeth may smile, talk, and chew with the confidence of someone who never experienced missing teeth.

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