LANAP® Procedure

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LANAP® Procedure (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Basic Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

The (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) or LANAP® Procedure is performed in one appointment. The procedure is safe and effective, even for patients with existing medical conditions.

The Process: Laser Gum Disease Treatment

The procedure begins with an assessment of your gums and the depth of their pockets. Dr. Cataldo will evaluate how much loss of attachment you have experienced before the gum disease treatment.

Benefits of LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment

  • There is less pain and discomfort associated with this gum disease treatment. Most patients do not require any prescribed medication after the procedure.
  • The minimally invasive nature of this gum disease treatment yields faster healing times and consequently, less downtime.
  • Patients have up to 90% less inflammation of the gums within the first visit. This laser gum disease treatment eliminates the bacteria that create these symptoms of gum disease.
  • This gum disease treatment can reverse the effects of periodontal disease, saving your teeth from extraction.

Gum Disease Treatment

You can enjoy the benefits of laser gum disease treatment in as quickly as one visit. This treatment is far less impactful to our patient’s health and lifestyle than previous gum disease treatments available. Schedule a consultation with our office today and let Dr. Cataldo guide you back on the path to a healthy, confident smile.

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