Metal Allergies and Dental Implants

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Titanium dental implants are a viable option to fix missing teeth. Patients with metal allergies can be relieved to know that a metal allergy in itself does not determine your eligibility for dental implants to fix missing teeth. Dr. Jason Cataldo places dental implants in Raleigh and Durham, NC and can help to determine if this tooth replacement option is right for you.

Understanding the difference between metals and metallics is important to determine if dental implants are right for you. An allergy to metals does not necessarily mean that you have an allergy to metallics. Metals are elements, whereas metallics are alloys. An alloy is a composition of two or more metals. Allergic reactions to metal are taken very seriously, ranging from a simple rash to death as a result of a multi-symptom and anaphylactic shock.

Dental implants used to fix missing teeth are typically composed of commercially pure titanium or titanium alloy. Titanium implants have such a high success rate because they are biocompatible. The biocompatibility means that the implant can fuse with the jaw bone.

Exercising caution in patients with a metal allergy is of the highest concern. A recent study conducted by the Clinical Oral Implants Research group shows implants, along with other dental procedures using metal components, can certainly trigger an allergic reaction. A study the researcher conducted using 1,500 participants detected titanium allergies in patients. However, the frequency of titanium allergies in the focus group was only 0.6 percent.

The results of the research study are somewhat conflicted. Implants used in the study were composed of several different kinds of metallics and metals. The Clinical Oral Implants Research group concluded further study focusing on titanium implants is needed to make definite statements about their usage in patients with metal allergies. As science and use progresses, more information will become available on the subject. Fortunately, other materials exist, such as zirconia and ceramic, that can be used in the fabrication of dental implants to fix missing teeth for those who have metal allergies.

For concerns about a metal allergy and dental implants in Raleigh and Durham, NC, call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Cataldo to discuss your options.